Great debt management requires knowing about key events before they happen, so that you have the time to prepare. Users can elect to receive email notifications informing them of key dates or milestones in advance. Each user can specify the different types of notifications they would like to receive and select timing that meets their specific preferences.

To access the Notifications feature, from any page on DebtBook click on the user menu (this is circle in the top right of your screen with either your initials or your the picture you have selected) to generate a drop down menu. From this drop down menu, select "Notifications" which will bring you to the Notifications menu.

From the Notifications menu, you can customize email notifications for each milestone category across your debt portfolio. Select the blue "Edit" button to customize the timeframe you would like to receive email notifications for each milestone category.

Simply click into the drop down menu for each category and select to receive email reminders anywhere from 1 day before a milestone is due to as much as 180 days before a milestone is due.

Once an email notification is set, the notification will be sent to you. They will not however be sent to any other users in your organization or external to your organization that are added via the Share function.

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