DebtBook Support may need to temporarily access your account to diagnose and resolve a support issue at your request. You may grant our Support team access to your profile that automatically expires after two days.

To do this, select Profile from the User Menu (The white circle with your initials or chosen profile picture) in the upper righthand corner of DebtBook.

A menu will appear on the lefthand side of the screen. Click on Account Access and then click on the blue Approve Account Access button.

By approving this access, you grant DebtBook Support temporary access to your profile, as if they logged in using your user permissions. DebtBook Support's access will automatically expire after two days. Additionally, you can revoke access at any time by clicking the red Revoke Access button that appears.

Whenever you grant or revoke access, a new entry will appear in the Access Approval History, which will include the time and date of every occurrence of access being granted or revoked.

NOTE: Any changes made to your profile by DebtBook will appear in in history and audit trails as if made by the login of the user who granted access.

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