There are two ways that you can use change the profile as-of date.

You can either change the date by clicking once in the date field to expose a calendar with drop downs for month and year.

Note: If you select the month or year from the dropdown you need to select the day from the calendar below in order to save the new as of date setting.

You can also manually type the new date directly into the field once you double click to select its contents. You can enter dates in the following formats: MM/DD/YYYY, MM.DD.YYYY, MM-DD-YYYY.

Immediately to the right of the PROFILE AS OF field is a drop down that allows you to change the FREQUENCY which you see your debt service schedule. By changing this field you can see your debt service schedules on an annual, semi-annual, Quarterly, Monthly, or actual basis. The actual frequency shows the exact scheduled payment dates for principal and interest.

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