When you want to drill down into a specific obligation or set of issues to see the debt service schedules you can select them from the left side of the Profile Summary page.

In order to select all issues of a given Type, Fund or purpose you can click the blue text issue number of any of this issues of that group. This will take you to a page with the debt service schedules for all issues of that Type, Fund or Purpose.

You can also view customized sets of issues by using the check boxes to the left and then clicking the VIEW SELECTED SERIES button that appears below.

When clicking the check boxes on the left you can unselect certain issues to omit them from your Selected Issues

When you click on the Issues button at the top center of your screen a drop down appears. This drop down allows you to quickly select All Issues, All Types, Funds Or Purposes and a Summary by Fund Debt Service Schedule.

You will be presented with the Debt Service Schedule view of all selected issues.

In the top left of the page there is a title that indicates what subset of Issues are visible. If you select all of a certain Type, Fund or Purpose the title will show that label.

If you are viewing a cross section of Types or a subset of Issues the label will show as Selected Issues.

The blue and white icons below the title indicate what issues are included in your selection. You can click on them to navigate between issues. Or you can use the blue right and left icons lower on the screen to scroll through the issues.

The Debt Service Schedule view shows Principal, Interest and Total Debt Service Schedule for all of the Issues selected. This includes an aggregate debt service table on the left of the screen which is the sum of all selected issues.

The Details table below each issue provides the summary details of the Issue including:

  • Call Date

  • Call Price

  • Tax Status

  • Interest Type (Fixed or Variable)

  • Investor / Bank Loan description

  • Use of Proceeds

  • Final Maturity

  • A link to the available transcript for the issue

  • Additional free text notes

The Debt Service Schedule view defaults to showing your debt as of the date of the last published financial statement. You can change the as-of date by selecting the PROFILE AS OF field in order to see your debt service schedules at a different point in time.

There are two ways that you can use change the date in this feature.

You can either change the date by clicking once in the date field to expose a calendar with drop downs for month and year.

Note: If you select the month or year from the dropdown you need to select the day from the calendar below in order to save the new as of date setting.

You can also manually type the new date directly into the field once you double click to select its contents. You can enter dates in the following formats: MM/DD/YYYY, MM.DD.YYYY, MM-DD-YYYY.

Immediately to the right of the PROFILE AS OF field is a drop down that allows you to change the FREQUENCY which you see your debt service schedule. By changing this field you can see your debt service schedules on an annual, semi-annual, Quarterly, Monthly, or actual basis. The actual frequency shows the exact scheduled payment dates for principal and interest.

In order to drill down into a single issue you can click into the light blue issue description box above the debt service schedule to bring up the Detailed Debt Service view. The Detailed Debt Service View shows you the debt service schedule at cent level detail.

The PROFILE AS OF date and FREQUENCY will carry over from the debt service view, and you can adjust it in the same way to see the selected issue exactly as you need.

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