Issues are stored in DebtBook with two searchable fields: Series and Description.

  1. Series is represented as a year and if necessary an additional letter or number. (Examples: 2019 , 2019 A, 2019 A-1 )

  2. Description is the succinct phrase that describes the type of obligation. The description frequently identifies if the issue is taxable, refunding, revenue or general obligation. (examples: Utilities System Revenue Bond, Taxable Installment Financing Contract, General Obligation Refunding Bonds, Lease Purchase Agreement)

Note: Descriptions can be customized to include lease or loan numbers for easier searching.

In order to search for a series, click into the search field in the upper right of your screen in the dark blue navigation bar.

Here you can type the series or description into this field and a drop-down will list all of the potential matches to this search.

When you identify your Issue and want to see more, simply click on the Series Description from the drop-down to see the Detailed Debt Service Page.

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