Providing access to internal team members who work with debt significantly increases the value of DebtBook to you and your organization.

Whether you’re a manager/administrator, finance officer, budget officer, debt manager, finance/budget analyst, accounts payable analyst or department head, having access to accurate up-to-date information will help team members do their jobs better.

Below is a step by step guide for adding internal members of your organization. If you are interested in sharing with a guest who is external to your organization please review the Sharing with External Guests User Guide.

Add members of your organization

1. Select the user menu in the top right corner of the primary navigation and select “Manage Members”.

2. Select “Add User” in the top right corner of the existing members table.

3. Enter their contact information and select “Save”.

4. Select Permission for the new User. There are 3 Permissions settings for members within your organization.

Admin Users can make all modifications in DebtBook including Add and Remove other users, update payment reporting and update series descriptions and notes.

Member Users can update payment reporting and update series descriptions and notes but are not able to add or remove other users.

Viewer Users have "read only" access, meaning that they can see and download data but cannot change anything in your profile that would impact another user's experience.

5. A row will appear with their contact information and the Status will say “Invited”. An email will be sent automatically and once activated by the team member, status will change to “Active”. You can resend the email anytime by selecting “Repeat invite” next to the Status.

Editing / Removing users from your organization

1. Select Menu button (Three vertical dots) in the row containing the team member’s contact information a pop-out window will allow you to update the user's title, permissions or remove them.

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